Past Episodes

April 15, 2009
Guest: David Cameron, Professor of Political Science, and Director, Program in European Union Studies
April 8, 2009
Guest: Philip Gorski, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, Center for Comparative Research
April 1, 2009
Guest: Francesca Trivellato, Professor of History
March 25, 2009
Guest: Gustav Ranis, Frank Altschul Professor Emeritus of International Economics
March 18, 2009
Guest: Mridu Rai, Associate Professor of History
March 11, 2009
Guest: Steven Pincus, Professor of History, and Chair, European Studies Council
March 4, 2009
Guest: Professor Susan Stokes, John S. Saden Professor of Political Science, and Director, Yale Program on Democracy
February 11, 2009
Guest: David Skelly, Professor of Ecology
February 4, 2009
Guest: Aleh Tsyvinski, Professor of Economics, and Co-Director, Macroeconomic Research Program, Cowles Foundation
January 28, 2009
Guest: Jennifer Ruger, Associate Professor, Yale School of Public Health
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