Past Episodes

February 1, 2012
Guest: Paulina Ochoa Espejo, Assistant Professor of Political Science
January 25, 2012
Guest: Rakesh Mohan, Professor, School of Management, and Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute of Global Affairs
January 18, 2012
Guest: William Kelly, Professor of Anthropology and Sumitomo Professor of Japanese Studies
January 11, 2012
Guest: Cheryl Doss, Senior Lecturer in International Affairs and Economics
December 7, 2011
Guest: Narges Erami, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
November 30, 2011
Guest: Mark Turin, Associate Research Scientist
November 16, 2011
Guest: David Cameron, Professor of Political Science
November 9, 2011
Guest: Kaveh Khoshnood, Associate Professor of Epidemiology
November 2, 2011
Guest: Timothy Snyder, Professor of History
October 26, 2011
Guest: Sara Shneiderman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
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