Past Episodes

November 28, 2012
Guest: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
November 21, 2012
Guest: Edwige Tamalet-Talbayev, Assistant Professor of French
November 14, 2012
Guest: Thomas Graham, Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
November 7, 2012
Guest: Colonel Timothy McAteer, Military Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
October 31, 2012
Guest: Daniel Keniston, Assistant Professor of Economics
October 17, 2012
Guest: Marica Inhorn, Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs
October 10, 2012
Guest: Daniel Magaziner, Assistant Professor of History
October 3, 2012
Guest: Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics
May 16, 2012
Guest: Priya Natarajan, Professor of Astronomy and Physics
May 9, 2012
Guest: Alan Mikhail, Assistant Professor of History
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