Past Episodes

April 30, 2014
Guest: Maurice Samuels, Professor of French
April 23, 2014
Guest: John Merriman, Professor of History
April 16, 2014
Guest: Marcela Echeverri, Assistant Professor of History
April 9, 2014
Guest: Hélène Landemore, Assistant Professor of Political Science
April 2, 2014
Guest: Karen Seto, Professor of Geography and Urbanization
March 26, 2014
Guest: Andrew Quintman, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
February 26, 2014
Guest: Chloe Starr, Assistant Professor of Asian Christianity and Theology
February 19, 2014
Guest: Aaron Gerow, Professor of Film Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures
February 12, 2014
Guest: Luis Moreno Ocampo, the first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute
January 29, 2014
Guest: David Aktin, Assistant Professor of Economics
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