Grace Kao talks about the spousal age gap in cross-border marriages

Grace Kao, Professor of Sociology
November 1, 2017
Professor Kao studies race, ethnicity, and immigration as they collectively relate to education and relationships among young people. She also has interests in the effects of migration on young people and has written papers on these topics in Mexico, China, and Spain. Currently, she is one of a team of researchers (led by Hyunjoon Park) that is examining the transition to adulthood among Korean Millennials. Her work has been published in the American Sociological ReviewAnnual Review of SociologySocial Science ResearchSocial Science QuarterlyAmerican Education Research JournalTeachers College RecordChild DevelopmentEarly Childcare Research QuarterlyPopulation Research and Policy Review, Population and Development Review, among others. Her research has been supported by NICHD, The Spencer Foundation, The Russell Sage Foundation, and the Academy of Korean Studies.
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